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Hello and welcome to The Life in a Bag.This is a Travel and Lifestyle blog where I share my travel and life experiences around the world with some tips and ideas gathered along the way!

My name is Sispia and I am from the eastern part of India, currently based in Chicago with my husband.I did my bachelor degree in computer science, worked in I.T for few years then moved to USA after marriage.

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Its been quite a journey since then.First the excitement of a new life in a new country.The joy and happiness of a newly married life and finally the dawn of depression of not having a job.Among all these its the travel which have been consistent in our life.

Writing Journals has always been my passion.I used to note down my day to day important events with some stickers or drawings as a kid.I am not so much of a creative person but i like to draw,design,decorating my house or decorating for any events.I find it very calming and it makes me happy and organized.

So why I started this travel blog?

For number of reasons…

I realized only taking pictures and collecting souvenir wasn’t enough for me. As these materialistic things will be lost with time.I wanted to document everything starting from our journey , experience and how we felt about the journey . And share them with my family and also for our future selves.

In this blog not only you will find our travel adventures but also our day to day life adventures .

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