Honeymoon in Maldives

The Maldives are considered to be one of the most expensive honeymoon destinations and home to perhaps the best beaches in the world. This country  of 1200 islands, out of which only 200 islands are inhabited and have every characteristic of serene beaches, from white sands to crystal clear blue water.


We went to Maldives in late November 2013 , so you can guess that I am a little late in this blog entry 😛 . So forgive me if I miss any details 🙂

How we end up in Maldives ?

At that time I had no idea that there is a country called the Maldives! So when my husband told me to  help him choose the honeymoon destination ( Initially we thought we will go to Europe or somewhere in India but we were not so sure exactly what we wanted )  I started scouring the net day and night looking for a perfect honeymoon destination close to India , reading every travel blog and post , asking friends and colleagues for suggestions. Finally one of my colleagues pointed me to the Maldives. Though I knew it was more of a sarcasm than a suggestion but I realized why that was when I saw the pictures 😮

I still remember, staring at those pictures in awe and thinking ‘can we afford it as our honeymoon destination? Is that place real?’


Finding the right Resort….

Since Maldives consists of a lot of small fragmented islands, each island could be considered as a resort . So for someone who just came to know about that place will definitely get confused in booking and probably get lost in those islands 😛 (at least that was the situation in my case 🙁 ) Thankfully I had my husband to take care of the booking part 😀

We booked us a Water Bungalows at the Adaaran Club Rannalhi in the South of the South Male Atoll via a travel agency for 5 days & 4 nights

Adaaran Club Rannalhi ,Maldives

Adaaran Club Rannalhi ,Maldives

Travelling & Arrival

Someone who is traveling from Europe or farther west, the travel fare gets expensive . Since we were flying from India it was quite affordable.
After 5 hours of flight over The Indian Ocean, we landed in Male Airport, the capital of The Maldives. We were welcomed and picked up by resort officials. At that time Visa was ‘on-arrival’ , not sure if is it still the same.
The male is crowded and I got disappointed when I didn’t find anything of the sort like what I saw in the pictures, but little did I know what was coming next! After 40 minutes of boat ride from Male we reached Rannalhi and Yes again, I was in awe ! Even I just could not believe if it was real. My exact feelings- I am literally inside a photoshopped place! It’s a tropical paradise, so bright and blue.

Accommodation – the water bungalow


Besides the blue sea and picturesque beaches, our next center of attraction was the Water Bungalows.The idea of living over water and surrounded by sea gave me goosebumps, though I was not sure whether it was the fear of water or the excitement of living over water or maybe it was both 😛

Waking up every morning to the sound of tides and the view of the open sea , it was pure heaven . we also had our own patio with loungers and stairs that lead into the sea



we had an all-inclusive package which means we enjoyed a large buffet, three times a day. The variety of food was overwhelming, each day with different types of cuisine ranging from Asian to western fare .Plus there was a huge selection of fresh seafood and salad bar,along with delicious desserts and fresh fruits


Activities what we did there ?

Well, this is the most asked question after returning from Maldives and I always say the same thing “I did nothing ” other than sleeping , eating and drinking cocktail while enjoying the view. In case you are wondering yes, there are plenty of activities to fill your day.

If you are into watersports Maldives is the best place for snorkeling . The clear water,dazzling coral reef, and the colored tropical fish , needless to say, the underwater world is beyond amazing !


Other popular water sports which you can try are the banana boat, parasailing, water skiing or surfing.




The Maldives will always be one of my most memorable and favorite destination of all. Not just because it was my honeymoon, but also it was my first out of the country vacation and It felt like a paradise for complete 5 days!! I wish to go back again someday as there are so many places we haven’t seen and explored .

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