What Places to Visit in New York City in a day

Empirestate Building-New York City

Have you ever wondered what places to visit in New York if you have just one day to spend?

Probably confused and clueless. Overwhelmed with the places of interest you found on the web. I was in the same situation a few weeks ago when we decided to visit New York just for a day! I wanted to see all and made my own list of ’ Places to Visit in New York ’.

Obviously which was not possible given the amount of time I had. Though I managed to cover most of the important Places.Here is my list of ’what Places to Visit in New York in one day!’

1)Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn bridge-New York city

Brooklyn bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in New York city, Connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can walk the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn or the other way round. It is an easy 25 to 30 mins walk while offering the most spectacular view of the city skyline!

2)City Hall

City-Hall-New York City

Just near the Brooklyn bridge, surrounded by centuries-old buildings lies the city hall park.It’s a great historic architectural piece. I suggest if you have time and interested in learning its history and art take the architectural tour.

3)Wall Street

wallstreet-bull-New York city

Ah! the famous bull! You would be lucky to get a clear shot of it. I didn’t get it.I downloaded mine from stock photos

4)Trinity Church

Trinity-Church-New York City

located near the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway, Trinity church is one of the oldest churches in America. The original church was destroyed in the Great New York City Fire of 1776, later the new and the current church was constructed in 1846. Its Cemetery is the Only Remaining Active Cemetery in Manhattan and is the burial grounds for many of New York’s historic figures.

5)Grand Central Terminal

Grand-Central-Terminal-New York city

It is a historic majestic piece!  Built in  1871 the Grand Central Terminal is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions.It is so bizarre to see both the busy people going to and fro and at the same time people having a leisure time taking photos.

6)Central Park

Central-Park-New York City
Central-Park-New York City

You come to New York and miss the Central Park, that can’t happen right! Take a few relaxing hours laying on the green grassy ground, nap and start your sight seeing again! that’s what I did :D. You can walk the park or rent a bike. Generally, there is lots more stuff to do during summer.

7)Rockefeller Center

Top-of-the-rock-New York city

located in the center of Midtown Manhattan, Rockefeller center was declared a National Historic.Especially famous for its annual Christmas tree lighting.Take an elevator to the “Top of the rock”  for a 360-degree panoramic view of the city.You can get a nice view of the whole Central Pack and best for selfie shot! 😉

8)Time Square

TimeSquare-New York city

Just take few photos and move to next venue. There isn’t really much to do unless you are shopping or eating. I guess this is one of the busiest place on earth, cramped with people no matter whenever you go. But yes it’s definitely a place to see at least once! Best time to go is at night when you can see the dazzling bright lights of those huge billboards.

9)Empire State Building

New York City-Panoramic view

We finished our trip taking another bird’s eye view from the Empire State Building.Located in midtown Manhattan, it is an American cultural icon and was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1986.


TimeSquare-New York City


Needless to say, one day is hardly enough to see New York. Every time you visit you will find something new to do. It’s a lively city full of art and culture, people of different ethnicity.Especially I loved the roadside foods, lamb rice is my favorite one. I really feel hungry whenever I think of it! 🙁


Grand Central-New York City


New York City


New York City

New York City
Though it depends on  person to person.For my husband, one day was enough where as  I know I want to go back again.I missed so many things the statue of liberty, the museums, the food, the shows!
So, which one city makes you feel go back again and again?Comment below with your favorite city and why. I would love to know 🙂

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