Travel Checklist

Printable PDF Travel Checklist  For Carry On and Handbags!


printable pdf travel checklist

I consider myself organized but planner not so much.Specially when it comes to planning and organizing my trips. I get lazy,eventually leave it for the last moment thing. Obviously which doesn’t go well, forgetting most of the important things to pack !



So I started making lists and rough notes.Started with sticky notes,note pads,mobile notes…kind of scattered list.Which eventually formed in to ‘my go to list’ for packing.Later I formatted and categorized it into a complete travel checklist.Needless to say its much less time-consuming and painless when you can visualize exactly what things you have to pack !

Printable pdf travel checklist

Printable travel checklist










 Download the PDF Travel Checklist

Since,we all have different needs and travel styles,the list will vary from person to person based on destinations and lengths. The list is just a way of organizing and focusing your mind.You can customize your own packing list based on this Travel checklist according to your need.
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